Kado History

KADO Industrial Company Limited offers it's most amazing product innovation to date, Fridge-to-go.

Already well known for its years of developing new and innovative products, Fridge-to-go is truly the most amazing portable refrigerator ever invented. It may be the last portable cooling product you'll ever buy!

Acting as a portable extension of your home refrigerator, Fridge-to-go has finally bridged the gap that falls between traditional cooler bags & boxes and battery-operated or external power source travel refrigerators.

Fridge-to-go is completely portable, requires no ice, no batteries or any external power source. Ideal for all your indoor/outdoor cooling needs, Fridge-to-go with its patented chilling technology, chills and keeps its contents cold for up to 12hours!

Fridge-to-go offers a complete product line in term of sizes to satisfy various content capacities and everyday applications of both consumer and commercial markets on an international scale.

To learn more about Fridge-to-go, visit us at www.fridge-to-go.com