Inventor Message

As an avid golfer, I was often faced with the problem of taking along sufficient cold drinks for the day and being able to keep them cold and long enough. In attempting to do so, I was continually frustrated by the inconvenience and inefficiency of the portable coolers which were the only alternative currently available. These consisted of either a cooler-bag or cooler-box, both of which required the use of plastic ice blocks or real ice to keep the contents cool for any length of time. A battery-operated portable fridge was also available, but it either needed batteries or an external power source or offered little portability. In each case, it was also necessary for the drinks to be well-chilled before hand.

After thinking about the problem for some time, I came up with the idea of a collapsible container with an ice-board built into each of the four sides. I called this container, Fridge-to-go.

When it is not needed for outdoor activities, you can easily fold the Fridge-to-go into a compact shape and place it in your home freezer for as long as I like. When I need a portable container that works like a fridge, I just take the Fridge-to-go out of the freezer and fill it with bottled or canned drinks. There is even no need for the drinks to be chilled beforehand.

Within two hours the beverages will be cold enough for drinking, and they will remain very cool for several hours. In other words, the Fridge-to-go works like a normal fridge for the first few hours and outperform the standard cooler-bag or cooler-box for many more hours. Easy to use, easy to store, no messy cleanup while keeping preparation time to a minimum was just some of our objectives. We further decided it needed to be compact, lightweight and collapsible for easy-storage in the freezer and while on the go would absolutely be of value to any consumer. Finally, we made it both 100% reusable & environmentally safe!

The Fridge-to-go is an ideal product for beverages, lunch, all outdoor/sporting/recreational activities as well as commercial applications such as medical, pharmaceutical and food transport. In short, with Fridge-to-go, we have answered the long awaited need to fill the gap between a regular cooler bag and mini-refrigerator. Our ultimate goal with you the consumer is that Fridge-to-go will be ultimately regarded as the next generation in portable cooling technology filling both individual and family needs, today!

Jackson C.S. Chan
Inventor of Fridge-to-go