Our Team

Executive Bios

Dr. Jackson C.S. Chan,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Founder of the company and Inventor of Fridge-to-go

Dr. Chan started KADO Industrial Co. Ltd. since 1989 in Hong Kong and has successfully grown the business to where it is today.  While Dr. Chan's main role is to oversee all of KADO's operations including the head office in Hong Kong and manufacturing/production facilities in China, he is strongly involved locally as a President of Innovative Entrepreneur Association and Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Invention Association.  Dr. Chan is also credited as being the sole inventor of the Fridge-to-go® concept you see today.

While Dr. Chan is an inspired, inventive and imaginative individual, he has over 30 years of broad experience in all facets of business operations. His management skills matched with his humble character has made him both a well-respected leader to both his team and business associates world-wide.

Dr. Chan, being an avid supporter in his community, speaks regularly at various functions supporting both local inventors and future entrepreneur at the academic level backed by his past experience.  Dr. Chan is also a composer of songs for local singers. He composes music and writes lyric and occasionally perform at some charitble singing concerts.