Test Reports

Product Efficiency "Comparison test results"

The following tests were carried out to establish the efficiency & effectiveness of the Fridge-to-go? under average usage conditions and certain circumstances in comparison to other popular portable cooling mediums.
Ambient Temperature: 24°C
Measure intervals: Hourly
Measurement increments: °C
Proposed time of usage: 12 hours
Test substance: 12 X cola cans

An insulated cooler bag ( temperature: ambient 24°C ) with 12 cans of cola at 4°C were placed inside at the same time as Fridge-to-go?

The cola was at serving temperature(4°C) when it was placed in the Fridge-to-go?. The top lid was then zipped up and the Fridge-to-go? was then placed in a well-lit, medium height position at the ambient temperature (24°C).

Measuring was carried out with a thermometer placed on a can (can temperature) taken from the cooling medium.
The results clearly show that over 5 hour period of time and under the conditions remaining constant as outlined above, the Fridge-to-go?
was only 3.4°C over the 5 hours which is still below the 4°C. The cooler bag with a temperature differential of 13.9°C over the 5 hours.
The result is significant.
As can be evidenced from the plotted graph above, Fridge-to-go? outperformed and outclassed the competition over this period. It can
maintain serving temperature of 4°C for 5 hours before becoming warmer. Fridge-to-go? is the most efficient medium by which to cool
drinks and to maintain temperature-second only to a household fridge.